Designed for Therapists

Great video/audio, highly secure and feature rich.

We designed TCD after talking to many, many therapists. That’s why it has features you won’t find on any other platform.


Great call quality and high security are critical and we’ve created innovations to enhance both. But our real passion is to help therapists. That’s why we created TCD.

No other video conferencing platform has an in-screen whiteboard, a simple way to take case notes and a session timer which the therapist can show to the patient, or not.


Easily create diagrams and other learning aides and never take your eyes off the patient.


Take case notes during the session and effortlessly transfer them to your patient files.


Keep track of time with our countdown timer and show the time to your patient, or not.


Show your patient anything you can see on your screen with the screen share function.


Invite multiple participants to be in a session (up to 4) and still keep your focus on one.


Share a website link or any other information which is more easily communicated in text than by voice.

Drag & Resize

All of the panels are draggable and resizable so you get them just how you want them.


Switching cameras or headphones? No problem. Everything is possible in the settings panel.


You’ve got questions. We’ve got answers.

We’d love to show you around TCD and answer any questions you have. The demo is quick and there’s no pressure. We’ll even let you try it out for free for 90 days.

Try it Free

Don’t wait for us.

If you just want to dive right in, be our guest. You can try out TCD for free for 30 days.

Contact us

If you’re a therapist and are interested in a quick, free and no-obligation demo of TCD, just fill out the form below and one of our very nice team members will get back to you shortly.

If you have feedback, a comment or a question for us, please leave it below. If you’re looking for mental health care, unfortunately we aren’t qualified to help, but we hope you’ll find someone who can get you he help you need.